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Why us

Welcoming to Loisirs Et Voyages & Toubkal Peaks a Travel Agency and tour operator

Toubkal Peaks & Loisirs Et Voyages is a Travel Agency run group of adventure holidays and private family tour operator, since 1994. We are passionate about what we do and we love to travel. Our experience and knowledge make us one of the most trusted tour operators in the Morocco.
We based in Marrakech, we are here to help you putting something together for your vacation in Morocco; what’s kind of Activities our company offering for you is the following professional adventure activities; walking/trekking; Toubkal peaks & Loisirs Et Voyages also offering morocco Family holiday, Small and big groups holidays; couples, honeymoon trip, individual and single trips in morocco; the following holidays we provide are : Morocco tours, Sahara desert tours and camel riding, horseback riding ; mountain biking; skiing tours, and School expedition & volunteering Project ; relaxing Hotels/Raids, relaxing on beach; we specializing in tailor made tours in Morocco. We pride ourselves in ensuring you journey to Morocco will be one you will treasure a lifetime.

Please check into our suggested tours of Morocco and ideas for your holiday. Our Morocco Holidays may last a single day to several weeks and can start at any time of the day, any day of the week, and anywhere in Morocco. Airport transfers are provided for all our guests

Explore & Discover Morocco!

Come and explore an ancient land of limitless adventure - a tour of Morocco is the journey like no other. Allow us to help you discover this beautiful and exotic land with an excursion tailored to suit your dreams with the guidance of skilled local guides.
Morocco is the doorway to the Sahara, the largest desert in the world. As you look out onto the desert landscape, the cares and trappings of modern life drift away - fading into the soothing views of softly hued mountains and rolling dunes. The wonder of the Sahara can be enjoyed via a traditional camel ride or from the convenience of an all-terrain vehicle. As the sun begins to slip west, set up camp for an evening under the stars. An unspoiled night sky displays a sea of stars - clear and bright. The sweet and cool night air and the silence of the desert will lull you to sleep. Peaceful, like a celestial dream.

Outdoor explorers will love to hike the majestic terrain of the Atlas Mountains. Often capped with snow, the Moroccan people believe that the High Atlas Mountains are as close as you can get to heaven without leaving Earth! A majestic paradise of plunging gorges, lush waterfalls, and forests await - a living Eden unspoiled by the modern world.
Sand, mountains, and - of course - the oceans! Morocco offers some of East Africa's beast beaches for surfers and swimmers alike. A walk through the magnificent coastal cities of Essaouira, Agadir, and Taroundante offer a chance to enjoy Morocco's maritime culture in the hassle-free environment of tourist-friendly towns.
The amazing Medieval city of Fez still holds its place as the intellectual, cultural and religious centre of Morocco. An UNESCO World Heritage centre, the Medina’s of Fez (the walled, maze-like inner quarters of the ancient Arabic towns) offer a well-preserved glimpse into the cultural past of Morocco. Donkey wide alleyways and covered bazaars are encircled by unbroken lines of magnificent ramparts and gates. Fez's wide array of workshops and attractions - including tanneries, markets, and mosques - is a rush to the senses. Excellent food and shopping is a treat to enjoy in all of Morocco's cities - delectable Tajines and sweet mint tea. You will encounter sights, sounds, flavors, and smells that you will never forget.

Why come with us?
Loisirs Et Voyages & Toubkal Peaks! Meet the hospitable and friendly people of Morocco - the mix of Berbers and Arabs cultures. Come for a taste -be prepared for a feast. Let Your Morocco Tour host your vacation of a lifetime.

We offer a wide range of activities with the best service for those travelers who are interested in exploring Morocco’s diverse landscape. From fully arranged trekking through the High Atlas, Anti Atlas, or the Sahara desert to basic 1-day guided walks or excursions. Transportation (mini-van, 4x4, mules/camels or horse riding), accommodation (in hotels/raids/Kasbahs and Berber guest houses, hostels or camps), food, etc are included.
On our website (, we give an overview of the kind of itineraries, we have on offer. But more importantly, we also create custom-made trips that suit your interested, level of difficulty and availability.
You can always feel free to contact us by email or give us a call, for your special requirements and together we will create an unforgettable trip! Loisirs Et Voyages & Toubkal Peaks, welcoming you to Morocco!