Our Team


Is an experienced woman from the north of Morocco, is the Toubkal peaks planning manager, she has been traveled over Morocco, and she has a lot of experience in field of tourism, she is precisely from Chefchaouen. She have always been convinced that my country has a lot to give, great cultural diversity, rich genuine heritage, the hospitality of the people and the peaceful atmosphere make of Morocco a favorable destination of the globe.
She holder of B.A in English Literature and Master Degree in Responsible Tourism and Human Development at the University of Science in Tetouan Morocco and the University of Cordoba in Spain, Responsible tourism has become my first priorities.
Since 2000 she have settled my mission to spread responsible tourism throughout Morocco where respect of environment, creation of income to the locals, preservation of natural resources and the guaranty of an authentic travel experience for the tourist has always been our first priorities and major goal.
For any farther information about your trip in Morocco, please feel free to contact or call us, Fatima she will feed with all the details as you need!


is co-founder at Toubkal Peaks, and he is the head trekking and walking coordinator, also is a mountain & desert guide with extensive guiding experience in the High; Middle and Anti Atlas Mountains, he has been join this job for over 14years, Born in one of the villages at the base of the highest peak in North Africa (4167m), he is very knowledgeable about the history and culture of the Berbers, and the flora and fauna of Morocco.
An extremely considerate guide, Omar is fluent in several languages including English, French, Arabic and Berber. Also Omar is our Morocco head Trekking guide. He not only takes us up some of Morocco's most stunning peaks, but ensures that we have some of the best meals anywhere. Additionally, he helps to set up our treks in the Ait Bougmez Valley and Mgoun National Park. He is certified by the Federation Royal Moroccan of Skiing and Mountain Alpine Association and as an official mountain guide in Morocco.


is a certified Mountain guide is an official and professional High Atlas Mountain and desert guide based in Morocco, graduated both from Tabant center "CFAMMH" , he use to guided our trekking holidays & tours around Morocco as well as many different activities including Mountains bike, camel treks, 4Wd expeditions, Ski touring & more... Our activities bring together both adventure & cultural those to make our customer's holiday a life time experience. On the other side, he highly encourages a sustainable & responsible tourism in different area in the country.
Regarding his experience, that’s since 8 years to come up with a strong professionalism to satisfy our guest’s needs with the consideration of the countries where they come from including Europe, USA & Australia. Are you a family, friends or couples, let us plan and arrange your entire trip in Morocco?


also its one of our certified mountain guide, also he leads lot of groups to the Sahara desert experience, and graduated from CFAMM since a years ago, I successfully completed the guide training in CFAMM (Centre de Formation au Métier de Montagne), training in mountain rescue, training in using ice axe, crampons and rope and he has an official diploma from the Ministry of Tourism that shows that I am a certified and qualified mountain/desert guide. In addition, each year I follow trainings provided by professional guides with the newest developments concerning (snow) hiking, climbing etc.
Now He based in Marrakech, which is the starting point of any kind of trip activities we offer, but he was born and raised in Azilal, a Berber village in the High Atlas Mountains. He spent his entire childhood in the mountains where he can find his way with his eyes closed! He started as a muleteer with trekking tourist in the Atlas Mountains, but he gave up this profession to fulfill his other dream: being a mountain guide. For over 4 years now he has been working as a guide throughout Morocco. In those years, also he has gained a lot of experience in leading trips for individuals, groups, families and even schools expeditions. He has worked with many (international) travel agencies and people from all over the world and he speak an excellent English; French; Arabic and Berber,